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Honeywell Programmable Room Thermostat CM921

(Code: 42CON0020)
£ 118.80
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Honeywell Programmable Room Thermostat CM921CM921 1 Day Wireless Programmable Thermostat The CM920 series of Wireless Programmable Thermostats is designed to provide wireless time and temperature control to heating or cooling systems in domestic and light commercial buildings. The slim, ultra modern design complements the large LCD screen with the Line of Text (LoT) display and one function button to ensure simplified programming and operation for all users. The CM920 series can be used to control the heating circuit in a Sundial S or Y Plan and is particularly well suited to control combination boiler installations or additional zones in a S Plan Plus system. The CM921 is for use where heating needs are the same from day to day. The CM927 can provide a different heating programme for each day of the week to maximise energy efficiency. Two wire, volt free connections are ideal for use with combination boilers. Features Wireless communication between thermostat and receiver box - supplied pre-bound Auto, manual, holiday and off (frost) modes Memory holds user programme even when batteries are changed Extra large LCD display with user friendly Line of Text display Up to six time/temperature settings per day Synchronised boiler control in multi-zone systems for optimum efficiency Boiler 'ON' display Volt free connections Automatic Summer/Winter time change Energy saving TPI control (see FAQ TPI Control)