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Pavetuf Deep Cleaner 5ltr
The Deep Cleaner is a heavy duty and powerful cleaner for stone, clay and concrete paths, drives and patios, perfect for removing stubborn greasy stains. Although tough on dirt, it is kind to and will not damage Pavetuf sealed surfaces.
£ 37.80
Pavetuf General Cleaner 5ltr
The General Cleaner is a general purpose, everyday use cleaner. We recommend using this product to clean your paved area, prior to using a Pavetuf Sealant.
£ 31.80
Pavetuf Green Off 5ltr
The Green-Off Cleaner is a powerful and high performance cleaner that removes natural and organic soiling from paths, drives and patios, without damaging Pavetuf sealed surfaces.
£ 29.40
Pavetuf Invisible Sealer 5ltr
An easy to apply sealant that once applied, dries with a matt, almost invisible finish.
£ 94.62
Pavetuf Jointing Compound 15kg
An easy to apply all weather Jointing Compound, available in a range of 2 colours.

  • ✔ Use in wet and dry conditions and in temperatures as low as -5 degrees
  • ✔ Use with paving joints as narrow as 3mm and as shallow as 25mm
  • ✔ Jointed areas can be walked upon after just 18 - 24 hours
  • ✔ No waste, can be re-used
  • ✔ Easy to apply, durable and eco-friendly

A 15kg tub will cover approx. 7m2.

£ 34.20
Pavetuf Rust Remover 5ltr
An effective, non corrosive rust stain remover for stone landscaping products.
£ 33.00
Pavetuf Salt Eraser 5ltr
After installation it is common for salt/efflorescence to rise through and sit on the surface of stone paving, causing unsightly white marks. The Salt Eraser is a specific cleaning agent for the removal of salt/efflorescence from stone paths, drives and patios. As it penetrates deep into the stone it also prevents the reappearance of salt/efflorescence.
£ 24.60
Pavetuf Satin Sealer 5ltr
An easy to apply sealant that once applied, dries with a satin, enriched look.
£ 94.62