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Stanley Carpenters Tools & Tape Measures

Stanley Carpenters Tools
Stanley Bradawl
Stanley Bradawl
This plated steel slotted bradawl from Stanley is a must have to help ease the insertion of screws into wood. Plastic grip handle.
£ 5.04
Stanley Combination Square
  • Cast iron professional combination square for accuracy & long life
  • Can be used as a try and mitre square, depth or height guage and spirit level
  • Blade etched with imperial/metric graduations in mm & cm and inch and 1/8" and 1/16"
  • Machined on all faces for accuracy
  • Class I accuracy
  • 300mm
£ 37.20
Stanley Fatmax Folding Chisel

The Stanley Folding chisel has a strong 25mm carbon steel blade and a steel striking cap. The chisel's handles folds to enclose the blade within to protect the blade from damage and to provide easy storage

  • short blade for greater strength and control
  • locking handle that does not come apart during use
  • durable steel strike cap
  • hardened and tempered high carbon steel blade
  • 1-inch blade
£ 19.44
Stanley Metal Combination Square
Stanley Metal Combination Square
300mm Combination square with metal body with three machined faces. The steel blade is stamped with metric and imperial sizes and is easy to read. Fitted with a 360º vial for all round visibility and a scriber for convenience and marking out. 
£ 16.50
Stanley Nail Punch Set Of 3
Stanley Nail Punch Set Of 3
Three piece nail punch set manufactured to ANSI standards, with cupped and chamfered tips for accurate location on to the nail head
These punches feature the unique stanley Dynagrip® comfort grip manufactured from elastomer rubber, helping to reduce hand slippage, reduce heat and cold transfer and reduce vibration, for increased user safety
Set comprises sizes 1/32 , 1/16 and 3/32 inches which have been colour coded for ease of identification, all punches are 5 inch (127mm) long
£ 16.68
Stanley Powerlock Tape Measures
  • 7' standout
  • Entire blade coated with Mylar® polyester film for added durability
  • Heat-treated spring stands up to repeated use
  • 16'' and 19.2'' stud center markings simplify framing jobs
  • Three-rivet, corrosion-resistant hook moves for accurate inside/outside measurements
  • Secure blade lock won’t creep during measurements
  • Special Tru-Zero hook does double-duty as a pivot for drawing circles and arc
£ 13.42