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Classic Turf 1m Roll

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  1. #Description#
    An extremely fine leaved but durable turfgrass blend creating a superb and versatile surface for most turfgrass applications including commercial landscapes, domestic lawns, golf courses, show gardens and tennis courts.
    Classic Turf gives super sward density and cleanness of cut, fast establishment with superior tensile strength combined with high drought and wear tolerance. Bargold has great shoot density and blends very effectively with the fescues in the mixture. Slender creeping red fescue has a good colour during the summer, autumn and early winter, it also has excellent salt tolerance and a rhizomatous growth habit. Strong creeping red fescue has better colour during late winter and spring. Combining these three species provides better colour for longer hence why these grasses are chosen together.
    This turf can be mown as low as 6mm with a well adjusted cylinder mower. But it can also be maintained at a height of up to 50mm should it be required. Rotary mowers are the best option for heights of cut above 20mm. The key to maintaining quality is to mow regularly, and never to take more than a quarter of the leaf off at any one time. The longer the grass, the better the turf can cope with adverse weather conditions. For example, the length of grass is directly proportional to the depth of rooting, which in turn provides better tolerance of drought conditions.
  2. #Specification#

    25% dwarf perennial ryegrass - lolium perenne
    40% strong creeping red fescue -fes rubra rubra
    35% slender creeping red fescue - festuca rubra litoralis
    Rapid establishment
    Great all year round colour
    More drought tolerant when established
    Higher resistance to disease
    Uses less Nitrogen and water when established
    Sequesters more Co2

    Standard 1m2 roll measuring 610mm (24) by 1.64m (65)
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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Turf good quality at a cheap price.
David G.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent product easy to lay and is lush and green after only a week.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good quality turf would and will recommend to everybody.
David C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Quality item.
Daniel B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good quality turf at a reasonable price.
Debra R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Turf is not as good as the last batch we bought as it has mushrooms growing in it. Apart from that it is lovely and green.
Valerie F.
Shopping Satisfaction
Turf was of very good quality & with a further order have now laid all 10 rolls. The lawned area looks first class. Very pleased with result.
Ray C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Started laying the turf and noticed it was full of annual meadow grass, a common grass weed that spreads like wildfire. I also noticed it was full of thatch underneath as well.

Some rolls were ripped to shreds and made laying quite difficult.. The turf wasn't freshly cut either as the soil was very dry even in the middle of the pallet.

A great turf if you're not bothered how it looks, quite durable but not what I expected. Very disappointed from what I thought was a reputable company.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great quality turf, a much higher quality than big named brands, would 100% recommend!!
Keely T.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good turf.
Gary M.