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Collated Dry Wall Screws
Collated Dry Wall Screws 
Flexible plastic collated strip designed specifically for use with mechanical screw fastening machines.
Suitable for use with most makes of Collated drywall guns

Finish: Black Phosphate.
£ 17.40
Concrete Screw
Concrete Screw
Concrete Frame Screw Virtually stress free, allowing close to edge applications. Torx head screw for increased torque control.
£ 0.16
Decking Screws 60mm
Decking Screws
Decking Screws Box of 200nr
£ 8.34
Drywall Screws
Drywall Screws Box 500-1000
Drywall Screws
32mm-50mm 1000 screws per box
65mm-100mm 500 screws per box
£ 11.94
Forgefast Elite Pozi Woodscrews
Professional, elite performance multi-purpose woodscrews. 
Ideal for fixing into most wood applications. 
£ 3.53
Metalfix Self Drilling Screw
Metalfix Self Drilling Screw

Self Drilling Screws for Steel to Steel applications. Hexagon Head.

£ 0.13
Reisser R2 Cutter High Performance Screws
Reisser R2 Cutter High Performance Screws
Due to the TWO unique patented slots (25mm and above), the R2 Cutter allows screwing close to the edge without splitting. Under the head are BOTH ribs and tucks enabling the screw to sit flush and tight without surface damage. With the ability to penetrate almost all timbers without a pilot hole, this really is a screw worth using!

Sold in boxes of 200 (100 in 6.0 x 60mm and above)

Please note - Some lengths are not available in certain gauges. 

£ 5.44
Tongue-tite Flooring Screw
Tongue-tite Flooring Screw inc Free Driver
Hidden removable fixing for all tongue and groove flooring, including hard and softwoods and fibreboards. Tri-Lock TS thread won't split timber, won't loosen and requires no pilot hole. No more glues, nails or squeaky boards. Boards can be lifted without damage. Sold in boxes of 200.
£ 11.04
Wafer Head Self Drilling Screws
Wafer Head Self Drilling Screws
Self drilling hardened point designed for fitting dry linings to steel framework without drilling pilot holes. Zinc plated finish for increased durability. Sold in boxes of 1000.
£ 11.78
Woodfix Self Drilling Screw
Woodfix Self Drilling Screw
Woodfix for Timber to Steel applications. Countersunk Head.
£ 0.23