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Teesdale 5m2 Patio pack

Swaledale Patio Pack 6.07 m2
Swaledale Patio Pallet 6.07 mtr2 Perfect for D.I.Y Customers
Swaledale 3 Size Patio Pallet 6.07 mtr2 with a choice of 4 colours.
The pack contains a mixture of 3 sizes 10 at 600 x 450 40mm,10 at 450 x 450 40mm and 10 at 450 x 300 40mm.

The materials required to lay as a guide only (materials purchased separately) - 1 bulk bag of crusher run, 1 bulk bag sharp sand, 4 bags of cement and 1 tub of Fast Point is enough to lay the pack on a firm base.

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£ 110.00