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(Code: TH-11-PRP002)
TRENCH PROP / STRUTAdjustable telescopic steel strut used for bracing trench linings. Clawed ends enable them to grip into timber. Spacing of struts is generally decided upon often a design has been done to calculate the ground pressures.

Short and robust for small strutting application
Available in four sizes from 0.3m to 1.8m
piked end plates provide positive fixing

Size:  0   |   0.30m - 0.50m   |   5kg
Size:  1   |   0.50m - 0.70m   |   7kg
Size:  2   |   0.70m - 1.10m   |   9kg
Size:  3   |   1.00m - 1.80m   |   13kg